Unearth Your Family Tree with DNA Testing

In times gone by, we would have had to take our relatives word for it about where our lineage lies but advancements in DNA testing have facilitated a more detailed snapshot of our family tree than most would of thought possible.

Giving You The Tools To Unearth Your Family History

In recent years, many people have grown more and more interested in where it is they came from and have decided to trace their family history. DNA Ancestry testing has made this process more accurate and simpler than ever before. DNA testing can be used to find out factors such as:

  • Providing clues about ethnic origin
  • Seeing if you are related to others with same surname
  • Seeing if two people are descended from the same ancestor
  • Determining if two people are related

DNA testing is an infallible method of proving family history as DNA is passed on from one generation to the next and this creates an unbreakable link between ancestors which can be studied today. This is why ancestry and genealogy testing is such a crucial tool in recreating our family histories and why more and more people are looking into conducting research into their family trees.

What Type Of Test To Use

When it comes to studying genealogy, there are two main types of testing that are used to provide the most accurate results; these being:

  • Y Line Tests – The Y chromosome in nuclear DNA can be used to establish family ties. This method of testing is only available to males for the obvious reason that the Y chromosome is only passed along the male line from father to son. This type of analysis is most commonly used to see if someone with the same last name has the same ancestors.
  • mtDNA Tests – Mitochondrial DNA is contained in the cytoplasm of cells and can be use in genealogy tests. This type of DNA is good for DNA testing because it is passed from a mother to both male and female offspring.

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