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DNA Testing – What Makes Us Human


Ever since the structure of DNA was discovered in the 1950s, scientists have dedicated their lives to decoding the secret of human nature. DNA testing now tells us where we come from, who our ancestors are, how we are likely to behave, look and even how we might die. Your DNA is the ultimate fingerprint – unique and full of information about what makes us tick.

DNA Testing – The Secret of Humans

Unravelling the secrets of DNA means scientist can now transfer genes from one species to another, creating pigs with human genes and crops that make their own pesticides. The impact on the future of the human race is straight from a science fiction novel. Organs can be grown specifically for transplants, medical science can tailor and test drugs, and the cloning of sheep raises the question – will humans be next? DNA testing means more criminals and terrorists have DNA fingerprints.

DNA Testing and Ethics

DNA testing raises difficult and emotional ethical questions. The idea of improving life, fixing illnesses and even cloning opens many doors for the future of humanity, but it also raises difficult ethical questions. The idea of manipulating genetics to create a perfect human isn’t really what humanity as we know it is all about. The differences and imperfections are in essence what make us mere mortals human.

The DNA of ET

DNA testing can tell us a lot about who we are. Scientists are even predicting what alien life forms may be like using DNA. DNA in humans, plants and earth-bound species share a common structure – a double helix held together by four chemicals, known as bases. Scientists have built models showing how organisms don’t evolve if there are more or fewer bases. The specific DNA code found on earth has exact instructions for creating and maintaining life. It is made-up of four letters – but scientists have pondered what would happen if it was made of more letters. The most famous extra terrestrial on earth, Spielberg’s ET, was said to have a six-base DNA.

The Secret of Life in DNA

Some scientists believe that DNA as we know it has developed with evolution. They predict that when earth began, before DNA existed, the environment was an ‘RNA World’. RNA is less stable then DNA and is less sophisticated, unable to hold information to build complex organisms like humans. DNA testing and RNA theories could hold the secret behind how life began on earth, and how we evolved into human beings.

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