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Your Paternity Test Questions Answered


There are many circumstances whereby a paternity test is the correct route to go down. For example, in cases of child support or to establish true fatherhood of a child. However, it is a good idea to get a good understanding of the processes involved in a DNA test as this will put your mind at ease regarding the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Old Does A Child Need To Be To Undergo A Paternity Test?

A: Any age. There are no age restrictions imposed upon testing in the UK. Even newborn infants can receive a test under current guidelines.

Q: Will A Paternity Test Hurt An Infant?

A: Not at all. There are no needles involved in the process of carrying out this test. All samples are acquired through unobtrusive and pain free buccal swabs. These swabs painlessly gather cells from the cheek of the infant.

Q: How Accurate Is A Paternity DNA Test?

A: Very. This test is based on DNA and this is unique to an individual so the results are very clear. A test will show either 0% for exclusion i.e. the tested man is not the father; or 99.9% or higher for inclusion i.e. the tested man is the father.

Q: Does The Mother Need To Be Tested To Get Accurate Results In A Paternity DNA Test?

A: No, in most cases, a paternity DNA test can provide accurate results without the mother being tested. In the case such tests, the child’s DNA is being tested against that of the potential father and, as such, the results aren’t reliant on the mother’s DNA.

Q: Is A Paternity Test That Doesn’t Use Blood Samples As Accurate As Those That Do?

A: Yes, a swab based test is invariably as accurate as tests carried out using blood samples from the two subjects. This is simply because your DNA is your DNA no matter which method is used to extract it.

This is just a short list of paternity testing FAQs – view our full list list of FAQs here,

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