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Are you Related to a Viking? Take an Ancestry Test


According to a report from the Wellcome Trust, three Oxford professors studied how genetic structure significantly varies geographically across the UK and tests into DNA ancestry revealed how many people across Britain may well have some form of relation to the Viking invasions of hundreds of years ago. The DNA ancestry tests that they conducted discovered that a large number of Brits, particularly those living in northern regions such as parts of Scotland and Orkney, are quite likely to be related to the Vikings who invaded the British isles hundreds of years ago. There are different tests to learn your ancestry. These investigative tools are a highly accurate method of helping to establish an individual’s family tree and get a much more comprehensive understanding of where you come from. More and more people today are carrying out DNA ancestry tests as they strive to uncover their roots and exactly where it is their family name comes from.

Geographical Variations Revealed with DNA Ancestry

The DNA ancestry of the UK as a whole is obviously a rich tapestry and depending on whereabouts in the country your family originates from, you may be surprised at some of the facets of your lineage. Of course, the use of a DNA ancestry test is the easiest and one of the most accurate ways to establish lineage and uncover the mysteries of your family’s ancestors. According to the report released by the Wellcome Trust, whilst those in Scotland may be related to Viking invaders, those who herald from Central regions and East Anglia are more likely to be distant descendants of Saxons and Angles. This just goes to show some of the mind-blowing facts that can be elucidated from taking a DNA ancestry test.

Understanding Where We Come From

It goes without saying that the majority of people in the UK would like a greater understanding about the history of their family and with the use of DNA ancestry tests, it is now easier to delve deeper into our histories than ever before. The genetic history of Britain is an extremely interesting one and our family histories are heavily linked with Scandinavia and Mainland Europe and the emergence of DNA ancestry tests is making it easier for geneticists to break down our family histories much more accurately. If you truly are interested in discovering how ancestry tests work, our Beginners Guide to Ancestry Testing is a good place to begin.

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