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Paul Caddis: Celtic Star’s Fatherhood Mistake


Young Celtic F.C football prodigy, Paul Caddis, 19, was tricked into believing that he was the father of a young girl’s baby but a paternity test proved this not to be the case when it turned out that he and the baby did not share the same DNA. So adamant was Leanne McIntosh, 18, that Caddis was the father of her child that he was even at her side for the child’s birth but the DNA test later revealed that the claims he was the father were erroneous.

Paternity Test – No Room for Error

When it comes to the sensitive issue of determining the paternity of a child, the need for accuracy is of paramount importance. With this in mind, a paternity test is the best means of achieving infallible results as it can prove with 100% accuracy if someone is not the father and with a 99.9% degree of certainty if the man in question is indeed the father. In the case of Celtic football star, Paul Caddis, he was informed by Leanne McIntosh that he had fathered her child after a one night stand. After the results of the test became apparent, an acquaintance of Caddis stated to the Daily Record, “He was taken for a ride by this girl, who was only interested in his money and fame. She told him there was no chance it could be anyone else.”

Paternity Test – Star in the Making

Paul Caddis, the Celtic football player is tipped to be a future star for the Scotland national team and has already appeared for the Scottish U21 team. According to the report in the Daily Record, he aimed to honorable thing when it came to the baby’s future and he paid for the test to ensure that the child was his. The results of the paternity test, however, disclosed the fact that the child couldn’t possibly be his due to differences in DNA make-up. Speaking to the Daily Record, the acquaintance of Paul Caddis stated, “The whole thing has been like an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show. Paul was adamant he would do the right thing if the baby was his.” Caddis decided to have the paternity test after McIntosh’s claims of his fatherhood coincided with the player making his Champions League debut for Celtic and when his performance was singled out for praise.

Other Celebrity Paternity Cases

When it comes to a paternity test and paternity rows, it can be a bitter affair – especially when the rows are taking place in a very public arena. The price of fame means your love life is always going to be under microscopic attention. Liz Hurley was in the news five years ago when she claimed playboy Steve Bing was the father of her son, Damian. Get the full story.