Spencer Well: DNA Ancestry Leads to The Earliest Man

Genetics may be a relatively new scientific field, but it has made huge strides in its short life. Our DNA can tell the experts an astounding amount about who we are and where we come from and it’s the database that’s been drawn up after years of study and research that allows DNA ancestry testing to be so successful.

DNA Ancestry Around The World

Of course, in order to get an accurate picture of the way the world’s population has moved and changed over thousands of years, scientists need to capture DNA from people across the world, and then analyse all these samples to look for similarities and to trace how people have moved and even when they moved. The result of this research is that we are now much more confident about where man first originated and how he moved from one continent to another. Scientists involved in DNA ancestry know that:

  • The first men lived in Africa
  • People began leaving Africa around 60,000 years ago
  • The first place man settled after leaving Africa was Australia
  • Groups then settled in the Middle East, China and India
  • Man moved further afield as land became available with the end of the Ice Age
  • 20,00 – 35,000 years ago, man moved into Europe and explored Siberia

The scientist responsible for much of this research, Spencer Wells, is the author of “The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey” where he reveals how this migration occurred and what effect it has had on today’s populations. Other studies have looked at the role of conquerors on population – particularly those who slaughtered their opponents and then took wives and began new dynasties. Their descendants could run into the millions, simply because they fathered many children during their lifetimes.

What DNA Ancestry Can Do For You

DNA ancestry tests let you see where you fit into the spread of man across the globe. A breakdown of your DNA will show where you come from, with predominant geographical areas highlighted. It’s the best way you’ll find of tracing your roots back to the very first ancestor.

Further Reading:

DNA Ancestry and Mongolian Warrior, Genghis Khan. A report in the New Scientist reveals that using DNA ancestry almost a tenth of men living in the former Mongolian empire can trace their ancestry back to the great warrior Genghis Khan. Researchers at the University of Arizona used a variety of DNA ancestry tests to find out if a man’s dominance lasted longer than a couple of generations.

Mapping your Ancestry with DNA: Most people in the UK feel fairly certain about their past. We’re either “English”, “Scottish”, “Welsh” or “Irish”, but in fact our background is a lot more varied than that and it could be really interesting to undertake a DNA ancestry test to find out where you really come from.

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