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The Truth Behind the Death of Princess Diana


It seems there is no end to the fascination with Princess Diana and her untimely death. The nation is obsessed. And TV shows and documentaries are all investigating the ins and outs of why she was killed. One BBC programme says DNA tests prove that Diana’s driver was in fact drunk.

DNA Tests Reveal Truth Behind Crash

It’s one of the most infamous car crashes in history alongside James Dean and Grace Kelly. And ever since that fateful day – August 30 1997, conspiracy theories and rumours have flown around the internet. But tests are conclusive and accepted as a sure-fire method of uncovering the truth. In the BBC documentary, new DNA tests on the French chauffeur driving the car that the Princess of Wales died in proved that he was drunk.

Tests Ordered by the French

Mohammed Fayed fought a lengthy legal battle after the death of Princess Diana and his son ten years ago. The DNA tests were requested by the French authorities after Fayed told the court that blood samples had been deliberately switched. It was felt tests would be the only way of proving the truth. Fayed was convinced that the British establishment was painting the driver as a drunk to hide the truth. But the new tests of the driver, who was also killed in the crash, showed that no switch of blood samples could have happened in the laboratory. DNA based tests matched his DNA profile to that of his parents. The BBC documentary said that the original tests that showed the driver to be three times over the French drink drive limit were in fact accurate.

Conspiracy Theories

Despite the tests, My Fayed has spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to prove that his son Dodi and Princess Diana were murdered in an elaborate plot by the Royal establishment to stop the two lovers from marrying. Mr Fayed fed conspiracy theorists online – the tests were ordered to try and counter omissions in the paper trail that were highlighted in court by Fayed. Despite the results of the DNA tests confirming the driver was over the limit, Fayed is convinced there could still be a mix up in the blood samples.

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