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Eddie Murphy Takes DNA Paternity Test


The Spice Girls were the biggest girl band in history. It’s no wonder then that since their split all of the women have remained prominently in the public eye. And with three out of four of the former pop stars having children, it’s hard to open up a celebrity magazine without seeing their yummy mummy status. But for Melanie Brown, otherwise known as Scary Spice, it hasn’t been plain sailing. Mel B has had trouble with a paternity test, lawyers and the courts ever since giving birth to her baby daughter.

Eddie Murphy Denied Paternity

Ever since her pregnancy, Mel B claimed that Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy was the father, but he flatly denied. Only a paternity test would reveal the truth. But on Dutch TV the actor announced his break up with Mel B and said he wasn’t the father of their then un-born child. Mel B was determined that a paternity DNA test would reveal otherwise. When Murphy was asked by a TV reporter if he was excited at the impending birth he replied: “Now you’re being presumptuous because we’re not together any more…And I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

Unveil the Truth

In recent magazine articles Melanie Brown has expressed her disappointment in the actor for refusing to take responsibility for their child. And a recent paternity test however proved she was right, confirming Murphy was indeed the father of their baby girl Angel Iris.

Paternity Test leads to Paternity Battle

Because of Murphy’s refusal to agree to paternity, the paternity test was necessary as the ex-pop star has said she may have to resort to legal action to get Murphy involved in his daughter’s welfare and upbringing. The DNA paternity test unfailingly revealed he has a parental duty in the eyes of the law. Brown has always insisted Murphy was the father despite his repeated public denial.

Public Paternity Battles

Mel B pursued a singing and acting career in Los Angeles after the Spice Girls, where she met Murphy and fell head over heels in love. The test proved the child was Murphy’s – Mel B’s second child. The paternity test and ensuing paternity battle is bound to be unpleasant. It’s hard to know what psychological impact such public paternity battles have on the children in question.

More celebrity paternity battles

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