Baby Gender: Sample Collection

Collecting the blood sample for your test is extremely simple. We will provide you with a sample collection
kit that contains all you need to collect your sample


• No males allowed while sample collection is in progress! Collect sample in a male-free environment.
• Wash hands before proceeding!
• Clean collection surface well!
• Place all kit contents (lancets, bandage, alcohol swab, blood sample pouch, and blood collection card) on top of a clean, unused paper towel. The 3 circles on the blood collection card should be facing up.


Remove cap from lancet by twisting the plastic cap until it frees itself. Do not pull on the cap. Once the cap is removed, do not touch the exposed surface of the lancet until you are ready to use it. Pushing the tip of the lancet will automatically disengage the spring-loaded needle. Prepare finger from which blood will be drawn. Use your middle or ring finger for the sample collection. Make sure the finger is clean.
To increase blood flow to the fingers, please try one or more of the following techniques:

• Wash with warm water for 3 minutes.
• Rub hands together for 10 seconds.
• Open and close your fists tightly 10 or more times.
• Stand up with your hands hanging at your sides.

Do not let your hands touch your clothing or anything else aside from the kit and its contents in order to maintain cleanliness.
Tip: To help collect more blood sample, drink lots of water 2-3 hours before sample collection.
Clean the selected finger with the alcohol wipe. It is advisable to use the least rough part of the fingertip. Let the alcohol dry completely before proceeding.

Collect the Blood Sample

• Prick finger by holding the lancet steadily against the selected area of your finger. Press firmly against the finger until it clicks. The more pressure you apply with the lancet against your finger, the more effective it will be.

• Inspect the finger for blood droplets. The prick may not be apparent at first. It may be necessary to massage the finger from the base up to the prick site to produce blood droplets.

• Hold the finger downward over the circle on the Blood Collection Card. DO NOT touch the circle with your finger. As needed, massage the arm from the forearm down to the finger to produce blood droplets to fill each circle. Repeat steps on another finger if necessary.

• When a large and full blood droplet is formed, allow the blood to drop onto the circles or carefully touch inside the circle with the drop only (not the finger). Do not let the blood drip under your fingernail. Do not rub your finger on the card. Continue to apply blood drops onto the unfilled areas of the circles and the surrounding area until completely covered.

• You must completely fill the entire area, soaking back and front, with sample. More blood sample reduces the chance of an inconclusive result. After filling all the circles and the surrounding area completely, clean your finger with the alcohol wipe and apply the adhesive bandage.

• Additional lancets and alcohol wipes may be purchased from your local drug store. If you need to pause in the middle of a collection, place the Blood Collection Card inside its pouch. Remember to wash your hands well before removing the card again. Keep males (adult or child) away from collection materials at all times.

• Dry sample by allowing blood collection card to air-dry undisturbed at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. Keep all males away from the sample during this time. Do not allow Blood Collection Card to be exposed to direct sunlight, temperatures over 50°C (122°F), or extreme humidity. Once dry, insert the card into the pouch (small white envelope). Remove the adhesive strip and seal the pouch. Lancets and other used materials can be disposed of as normal household trash.

Complete Sample Submission and Consent Form

Testing of your sample will NOT start without your name, consent signature and the date of the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP), and sample collection date. Testing will also NOT start if you take the sample too early (less than 63 days after day-one of your last menstrual period).

Email address and phone number are mandatory in order to contact you. For faster lab service, you can upgrade the service via the express option on the sample submission and consent form or contact us.

Mail your blood sample and order form immediately

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