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DNA Testing for Gastric Cancer

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DNA Testing for Gastric Cancer

Gastric Cancer is often referred to as Stomach Cancer, which is a more simplified description of a disease that can be categorised according to the type of tumour presented in patients. Gastric cancer will comprise either intestinal or diffuse tumours, the former of which refers to exophytic and often ulcerating tumours whilst the latter describes lesions that are poorly differentiated and can result in thickening of the stomach itself. A comparison of these two main types of gastric cancer tumour reveals that patients with the intestinal variety, which affects mostly men, tend to have a more favourable prognosis than those with diffuse tumours. In any case, gastric cancer is not an especially common form of the disease, with new cases, of which there are around 8,000 in the UK, decreasing each year.

Genetic predisposition DNA testing for gastric cancer is useful in order to establish whether certain people have an increased susceptibility to developing the disease. It is also hoped that DNA research of the condition will lead to improved forms of treatment and more advanced screening processes that result in quicker diagnoses. Generally speaking, faster and more efficient detection of gastric cancer will improve survival rates, as the disease is usually only detected at an advanced stage of development. Researchers have gathered evidence to suggest that a genetic predisposition to gastric cancer does exist. In fact, a relative of somebody who has suffered from intestinal gastric cancer is around 1.4 times more likely to develop the disease, whilst the risk is up to 7 times greater in relatives of diffuse gastric cancer patients.

For support and more information about gastric cancer, please visit the Cancer Research UK website, the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research.

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