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DNA Testing for Migraine

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DNA Testing for Migraine

Migraines are often difficult to distinguish from bad headaches, as they are essentially just that: severe headaches often associated with various other symptoms, including nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Approximately 25% of women and 8% of men in the UK experience migraines with some degree of frequency, which makes the condition extremely common. There are two types of migraine, classical and common, which are differentiated by their respective symptoms. Most notably, common migraine is one that does not include the so-called aura symptoms of classical migraine, which refers to warning signs such as stiffness, imbalance or lack of co-ordination, speech difficulties, visual or sound problems and, in the most extreme and rare cases, loss of consciousness. As suggested above, migraines are notoriously difficult to diagnose and are currently impossible to cure.

Genetic predisposition DNA testing for migraine is important if the condition is to be better understood, diagnosed and treated. If a specific gene or mutation can be isolated, the secrets of migraines may be revealed to such an extent that the lives of millions of people throughout the world would be changed for the better. At this point in time, a genetic predisposition to migraines has not been clearly established. However, a number of key studies have produced promising results, specifically in respect to familial gene mutations that affect biologically related people. For instance, a mutation of ATP1A2, which is a chromosome 1q23 gene, has been identified as contributing towards the development of familial hemiplegic migraine (FHM), whilst other genes have also been flagged in this interesting yet difficult field of study.

For support and more information about migraines, please visit the Migraine Action website, a UK charity aiming to raise awareness of migraine, support research, and offer advice and information to migraineurs about the latest developments and treatments available.

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