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DNA Testing for Psoriasis

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DNA Testing for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects many people throughout the world and around 2% of the UK population. Often developing in an individual during puberty, Psoriasis is caused by an acceleration of what is an entirely natural process. Indeed, it is normal for cells to pass through the various layers of the skin before they die and flake off and this process takes up to a month in normal cases. In contrast, people who suffer from Psoriasis will experience an accelerated process of skin cell degradation, whereby dead cells accumulate on the outer layer of the skin and cause crusty or flaky red patches that are typically itchy or painful. In standard cases, psoriasis will present itself in localised patches throughout the body and may flare up every so often after spending long periods of time dormant.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for psoriasis. As such, many sufferers of the condition will use topical treatments to manage its symptoms, which vary in severity between different people. However, genetic predisposition DNA testing for psoriasis has led researchers to believe that there is a link between psoriasis and genetic activity, which could lead to improved treatment of the condition or perhaps even a cure. The DNA research conducted by scientists has revealed that a certain gene, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), is found in excessive quantities in psoriasis skin lesions. Therefore, it is possible that future treatment of psoriasis will focus on blocking or reducing the activity of VEGF. In the meantime, DNA testing psoriasis is useful for highlighting individuals who may have a genetic predisposition to psoriasis.

For support and more information about psoriasis, please visit the Psoriasis Association website, the leading national membership organisation for people affected by psoriasis – patients, families, carers and health professionals.

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