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Whoopi Goldberg Traces Her Roots with Ancestry Testing


Whoopi Goldberg was able to find out through DNA  ancestry testing that she was able to trace her roots back to two tribes in the tiny African state of Guinea-Bissau. More and more African Americans are using the evolution of DNA testing to establish their roots and to gather a much more in depth understanding of their own lineage.

Ancestry Testing – Looking Back At Our Own History

Whoopi Goldberg was able to establish that the African tribe she is descended from is in Guinea-Bissau and many other African Americans are using ancestry testing to see if their own genetic code can be matched with specific African tribes. DNA based testing for ancestral research is an extremely accurate means by which to establish lineage as everyone’s DNA is unique and it is easy to match it to descendents because the genetic codes will be similar to one another.

Uncovering The Roots Of Slavery using DNA

One of the primary reasons that African Americans are using ancestry DNA testing is to establish whether there is any evidence of slavery in their lineage. As things stand, the techniques used in DNA analysis to establish whether modern day African Americans are descended from those in the slave industry is hindered by limitations in the DNA database. At present, it simply isn’t comprehensive enough but in years to come, it is expected to offer a more comprehensive insight into African genealogy. DNA testing is most commonly sought to establish an individual’s African ancestral roots but records of slavery are not very well preserved and this can prove difficult. Archie Baron, a DNA ancestry testing expert, told a BBC report that “It’s actually the maternal ancestry test that provides the best African ancestry information. People who test the fatherline often find out their DNA doesn’t point to Africa at all, but to Europe, a consequence of the sexual politics of slavery”. As DNA databases continue to grow and DNA testing procedures advance over time, it will become increasingly simplified for those looking for information about their heritage to find the answers that they seek.

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