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Michael Jordan’s 3rd Paternity Test


A paternity test is an extremely accurate method of establishing fatherhood, so, the fact that Michael Jordan is being asked to carry out a test for the third time is a little out of the ordinary. Looking deeper into the case, however, may shed light onto why the paternity test that had been carried out previously didn’t bring an end to the matter.

Establishing Who’s The Daddy

The use of a paternity test is commonplace when it comes to determining fatherhood and the fact that it is so accurate makes it strange that basketball star, Michael Jordan, was asked to perform a paternity DNA test for a 3rd time. A DNA test can categorically rule out a man from being the father of a child and predict with 99% certainty if a man is the father of the child.

Paternity Test – Third Time Lucky?

In the case of Michael Jordan, a 35 year old Meadville woman, Lisa Miceli, claimed that Jordan is the father of her 4 year old child but the basketball star’s lawyers claim that the first two paternity tests rule him out. Jordan filed a harassment suit against the woman but this didn’t stop her from requesting a third test being carried out. Speaking to the New York Post, Jordan’s lawyers stated, “There is not going to be a settlement. Mr. Jordan is not the father of her child, and we’re not going to engage in any discussions on that.” As such, it seems unlikely that the request for a 3rd paternity test will be granted. However, if the judge does, for whatever reason, allow the third test to go ahead and it proves that Michael Jordan isn’t the father again, this will surely go down as one of the strangest cases in paternity test history.

Other Celebrity DNA Testing Cases

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